Operational purchasing

HPI processes your purchasing orders in quality assured processes

Operational purchasing and transactional processes

Your requirements are formulated in order requirements. Your consumer is waiting for the delivery. For HPI, operational procurement is the implementation of a system engineered procurement process from ordering to delivery. Systems are maintained, orders reach the suppliers, goods can be collected, bills can be paid. And everything in streamlining processes and without system interruption within the customer ERP-system.

Free text order

Your needs don’t match any catalog items? Your supply requirements don’t fit into a fixed pattern? Spare parts and services are rarely ordered from one supplier? There are many different concepts for these needs: One-time procurement, special procurement, spot buy, long tail.

Formulate your needs according to your requirements. HPI searches for matching sources of supply with optimum prices, orders the required products and services on short notice or can have delivered to your liking and invoice.

Your added value and benefits:


Relief for the purchasing department


Optimized, efficient and secured procurement processes


Rapid supply


Service level oriented performance