Electronic catalogs

Faster access to TOP conditions

Product on the left, price on the right – this is more or less how you can imagine our electronic catalog to be. For included within are our outstanding conditions.

Here you will find, promptly and clearly arranged, everything from industrial needs to special products, all at prices that we have previously negotiated for you with our suppliers.

At the same time you will benefit from our strategic bundling and framework contracts. Our eCatalogs are available as a standard package or as a customized solution for you – embedded into your existing infrastructure.

Together with our affiliated company MRL GmbH at Ratingen, HPI offers you among other things an electronic full-range catalog.

Excerpt from our service portfolio:


Directly implementable electronic catalogs


Individual electronic catalogs for continuous demands or at customer`s option


Process-integrated catalogs


Bundling of demand


Membership in HPI’s buying alliance